Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Redskins Strike Again

After actually opening up their brains and realizing that maybe it wasn't a good idea to hire Terrell Owens, the ownership of the Washington Redskins has shut them back in the safe and is flapping about again like a bunch of fools.

The latest grand idea from the Redskins' brass is to take a long, hard look at Denver Broncos resident troublemaker, Jay Cutler. I can understand why they might possibly take a look at Cutler, of course. He's a pretty damn good quarterback, and he's shown his ability in college and at times in the pros. In Washington, everyone is trying to figure out if Jason Campbell is ever going to figure out how to do...whatever it is coach Jim Zorn is thinking of.

However, let's take a look at the current off-season. For reasons beyond comprehension, the Broncos fired Mike Shanahan (who wears two Super Bowl rings, mind) and replaced him, let me look up his name...Josh McDaniels. If it had all ended at that, the story of the off-season would be the incompetence of the Broncos' leadership.

But no, Jay Cutler had to then open up and share his feeling with the world -- maily the feeling that he absolutely did not want to work with Coach McDaniels.

(Side Note: I'm kinda tired of my bosses. I think I'm going to make them and all of my co-workers hate me, then ask them to send me to an employer of my choosing with no penalty to myself...yeah, I think that'll work.)

Instead of trying his best to work with his new, young coach and try what he can to lead his team during this transition period, Cutler decided that he was going to just quit on the them. He would rather move to another team with coaches he likes in order to serve his own selfish interests.

Where have I hear of someone like this before...oh yeah, it was the other guy that was rumored to be considered for a spot in Washington: Terrell Owens. I don't know if it's his age, or the fact that it's only happened once, or the fact that he's white (don't try to deny it, there has to be something to it), or even the fact that his hometown has the quaint name of Santa Claus, IN. Whatever the case, Cutler is not being accosted by the media in nearly the same way that Owens has been.

I don't care how much pressure is being put on Snyder and Cerrato to fix the situation at quarterback and how many people think Jason Campbell is the worst thing to happen to the Redskins since...the guy he replaced. I didn't want T.O. around to destroy the team, and I don't want Cutler to do the same.